51 YIDO, Acquired Incheon Wastewater Treatment Company... 2019-12-26

December 26, 2019_Yonhap News_YIDO announced on the 26th that it would take over wastewater treatment company Ilsung’s stocks 100% and manage integrated operation and management in the water treatment field. 
Ilsung, established in 1997, is a business site capable of treating 60,000 tons of wastewater annually, and was certified as a small business by the Ministry of Employment and Labor in 2017. 
Through the acquisition of this stake, YIDO is investing in improving the existing aging facilities and conducting modernization work, and when the facility improvement work is completed, it is expected that the working environment will be greatly improved along with the construction of an automated wastewater treatment system.
In the meantime, the person who injected the necessary chemicals for wastewater treatment was done by the person himself, but with the construction of an automated system, the worker's work load is greatly reduced and safer and more eco-friendly facilities can be operated.

An official from the company said, "The cost of using chemicals will be reduced by about 50% during water treatment through the wastewater treatment automation system, and the amount of secondary pollutants such as sludge will also be greatly reduced." "We plan to enter the public sewage treatment sector as well."
Founded in 2014, YIDO is an environment-friendly (new and renewable, waste, water treatment) field, infrastructure (road, tunnel, bridge, railroad), golf course, real estate (office building, commercial facility, dormitory), etc. Is a domestic operation and management(O&M) platform company that efficiently operates its assets.
Actively fostering eco-friendly and renewable energy fields such as operating Incheon Construction Waste Plant, participating in neglect waste treatment in Uiseong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, operating a waste incinerator in Jeonju, building a 100Mw hydrogen fuel cell power plant in Jeongeup-si and developing a 100Mw solar power plant in Dangjin-si, Chungnam have.
CEO Jung-hoon Choi said, "We are expanding our eco-friendly business portfolio with a vision of contributing to improving the quality of human life." "We will leap forward as a company."(yunhap news)