Business Overview

We are constantly expanding our business to various areas including environment, infrastructure, real estate asset integrated operating management services.

“We strive to grow as an Value-Up company that adds value to our client’s assets by continuously creating and innovating new ways to improve people’s quality of life.”

In the face of the fourth industrial revolution, YIDO is committed towards exceeding expectations through innovating in direct asset operation and management. We are the only integrated project management and Value-Up platform company in Korea, and plan to further the lead through technology and technical expertise.

Unlike existing Value-Up companies which simply maintain and repair one asset class for marginal returns, we employ our Value-Add strategy in management across different industry segments by targeting assets undervalued through previously poor management. Our successes in management pushes forward development in each respective asset class, from environmental, infrastructure to real estate.

Our strategic goals are achieved through yield assessment, feasibility analysis, investment structuring and financing capabilities. We additionally increase asset efficiency by building Value-Up platforms that utilize our in-house IT solutions to improve operational management efficiency and improve user convenience

Using our Value-Up platform, we currently operate various assets owned by pension funds, private equity funds and asset managers. We provide a differentiated “Total Service” necessary to build deep market insight, technical engineering expertise and specialized business models for our businesses.

YIDO has four distinct core business sectors: Environment, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Golf. The environmental business department is currently fostering the development of environmentally friendly solutions such as waste, water treatment and renewable energy, while emphasizing the importance of ESG (Environmental Social Governance) to shift the energy paradigm.

In a rapidly changing market, YIDO pledges to be you partner in growth and positive social impact.