YIDO operates, manages and maintains several key pieces of infrastructure across the nation, including bridges, highways, ITS, airports, ports and railways.

Business Introduction

The Korean government has recently shifted its focus on privately funded infrastructure projects.
Furthermore, required maintenance of aging infrastructure built in the 1970s and 1980s sparked the shift in demand for maintenance and safety management from development and construction.
Owing to these policy changes, YIDO has positioned itself as a major competitor in the infrastructure operations and management sector.
Our integrated development and operation services encompass the wide scope of domestic infrastructure goals, including transportation and tourism.
YIDO is set to be the largest privately funded road operator in Korea.
To continue this trend, we are securing future growth engines by continually optimizing our operations and seeking new privately funded ventures.


The YIDO Infrastructure Team creates and delivers a personalized Integrated Management Service. The service value for our customers are:

First, our team has operational capabilities that can effectively manage the various needs of customers from the planning and design, construction, operation and maintenance stages of an infrastructure project.

Second, our team’s management is organized to prioritize the interests and needs of our clients through responsible operations.

Third, our team can maximize revenue generation through our observation, surveying and analysis capabilities. Our in-depth analysis and business transparency are operated with the belief that honesty is of the utmost importance to our clients.


YIDO’s goal is to create a safe and reliable environment for drivers.
To ensure world class traffic safety, YIDO integrates roads and cutting-edge IT solutions to provide drivers with a faster, safer, and more pleasant experience.
YIDO provides a totally integrated management operation service for all types of roads, including the maintenance of special bridges, long tunnels and other facilities.

Road Maintenance and Traffic Management

  • - Highway patrols are conducted around the clock and we constantly monitor the roads with CCTV 24 hours a day.
  • - We prevent secondary collisions by promptly responding to accidents on highways. In addition, complaints about traffic control, overloaded vehicles, HOV lane abuse are dealt with in a timely manner.

Integrated Traffic Information System based Maintenance

  • - Using our proprietary Traffic Information System, we utilise cutting-edge IT technologies along with real time accurate road information in order to provide a safe and convenient driving experience 24 hours a day.

Operation Sites

Pocheon-Hwado Expressway

Business Name: Integrated Operation and Management of the Pocheon-Hwado Expressway

Daggu Busan Highway

Business Name: Daggu Busan Highwa Traffic condition management and road patrol services
Services: traffic management

Gwangju Wonju Highway

Business Name: Gwangju Wonju Privately Funded Highway
Services: Sales, road patrol, facility management, ITS, traffic management, safety management

Bibong Maesong Highway

Business Name: Bibong Maesong Privately Funded Highway
Services: Sales, road patrol, facility management, ITS, traffic management, safety management

Incheon Gimpo Highway

Business Name: Incheon Gimpo Privately Funded Highway
Services: Sales, road patrol, facility management, ITS, traffic management, safety management
Client : Incheon Gimpo Highway Co., Ltd

Pyeongtaek Siheung Highway

Business Name: Pyeongtaek-Siheung Privately Funded Highway
Location: Pyeongtaek Siheung Expressway 21, Mado-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi Province
Services: Sales, road patrol, facility management, ITS, traffic management, safety management
Client: The Second Seohaean Expressway Co., Ltd

Yongseo Highway

Business Name: Yongin-Seoul Privately Funded Highway
Location: 260 Seongbok 1-ro, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi Province
Services: Sales, road patrol, system management, facility management
Client: Gyeongsu Expressway Co., Ltd

Cheonnon Highway

Business Name: Cheonan-Nonsan Highway Privately Funded Highway, Management and Operation
Location: 103 Bongjeong-gil, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam Province
Services: Sales, road management, facility management, traffic management, system management
Client: Cheonan Nonsan Expressway Co., Ltd

Gyeonggi West Highway Sales Office

Business Name: West Suwon-Osan-Pyeongtaek Privately Funded Highway
Location: 243-89 Choirubeak-ro, Bongdam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi Province
Services: Sales, system management
Client: Gyeonggi Expressway Co., Ltd


YIDO’s bridge management team is composed of the leading experts in the industry.
We have accumulated years of experience, developed advanced technologies, and gained the practical know-how of specialized bridge management in order to ensure safety.

Specialized Bridge Maintenance

  • - Through careful analysis of the life cycle of every bridge, maintenance and investment costs are considered in optimal maintenance.
  • - To ensure the convenience and safety or all bridge users, we regularly conduct safety checks and remotely monitor the real-time conditions through our proprietary Bridge Health Monitoring System (BHMS). This ensures the stability and safety of our clients’ bridges.

Operation Sites

InCheon Grand Bridge

Business Name
| InCheon Bridge and Access Road Integrated Operation
| 21.38km

Ulsan Grand Bridge

Business Name
| Ulsan Bridge and Access Road Integrated Operation
Site Location
|215 Bongsu-ro, Dong-gu. Ulsan, Korea
|Sales, infrastructure and facilities management, traffic management, systems management
| Ulsan Harbour Bridge Co., Ltd


Tunnels managed by our team undergo preventive maintenance that ensures structural safety.
We conduct regular and detailed inspections, along with emergency maintenance.

Long Tunnel (>10km) maintenance

  • - We minimize the current and future tunnel maintenance costs of local governments by regular maintenance and advanced analysis technology.
  • - Regular safety checks, staff training and joint public-private disaster drills create a smooth and safe travelling experience for our tunnel users.

Operation Sites

Deokcheon Tunnel

Services: facilities management

BongAn Tunnel

Services: facilities management

WangSan Tunnel

Services: facilities management

Baekyang Tunnel

Services: Sales, road management, facilities management, traffic management, system management

Sansung Tunnel

Services: Sales, road management, facilities management, traffic management, system management

Paryong Tunnel

Business Name: Palryong Tunnel Financing and Development Project, Palryong Tunnel Management Consignment
Location: 296 Palryong Tunnel-ro, Uichang0gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
Services: Sales, road management, facilities management, traffic management, system management
Palryong Tunnel Co., Ltd

Sujeong Mountain Tunnel

Business Name: Sujeong Mountain Tunnel Sales and Facility Management Service
Location: 136 Gaya-daero 552nd street, Busanjin-gu, Busan
Services: sales, road management, facility management, traffic management, system management
Client: Sujeongsan Investment Co., Ltd


YIDO’s Railway Value-Up Platform operates in all aspects of the railroad industry in Korea.
The railway management division provides management and operation services for various transit systems including, railways, subways, light rails and trams.
Our goal is to ensure safety and punctuality to the passengers and logistics client’s needs.
We also provide integrated engineering services that extend the asset lifecycle and prevent accidents and operational problems through cooperation with technicians and preventive vehicle and facility maintenance.
YIDO has set a new standard in railway comfort and safety.

Landscaping and Course Management

"YIDO Grounds" is a specialized company in landscaping and course management, striving to achieve the highest quality courses based on the expertise of top professionals and experience in managing and constructing over 30 courses both domestically and internationally.
We are committed to realizing beautiful and environmentally friendly course management at all times, and as partners and collaborators, we continuously develop our capabilities and efforts to meet the needs of clients and enhance the value of golf courses.

With specialized expertise spanning across various fields such as landscaping construction, golf course management, and distribution of golf course materials, you can receive a "ONE STOP TOTAL SERVICE."

We create genuine partnerships by constantly communicating with customers and providing services tailored to the operational environment and requirements of golf courses.

Through collaborative golf course management with our customers, we will strive to contribute to the advancement of golf culture in our country.


Landscaping Management
Golf Course Management
Golf Course Maintenance
Golf Course Materials Distribution

Major Achievements

Golf Zone County Cheongryong(18H)

Capabilities and Technical Expertise

Strategic Staffing for Nonstop Operation

  • Flexible Working Hours/Staffing for Holidays and Night Shifts (Rotational Shift Operation)
  • Minimizing Business Disruptions through Specialized TFT (Task Force Team) Deployment in Case of Emergency Situations
    - Analysis Personnel for YIDO grounds Headquarters Support / Collaborative Companies / Research Institute
    - Overseas Advisory Personnel

Additional Equipment Support

  • Simultaneous Use of Equipment for Efficient Operations
    - Equipment Support Owned by YIDO grounds (Equipped for 27-hole Scale Operations)

Technical Expertise

  • Proven Technical Expertise in Managing Golf Courses with the Highest Number of Domestic Visitors and Premium Quality Golf Courses Experienced in Various Course Management
  • Development and Application of Unique Technology through YIDO grounds' Affiliated Turf Research Institute
  • Securing Advanced Technological Capabilities through Regular Exchange with Overseas Technical Experts
Implementation of Grass Disease/Weed Occurrence Forecasting System through Weather Analysis. Determination of Fertilization and Renovation Timing through Grass Growth Potential Analysis
Course Inspection and Turf Vegetation Index Measurement Utilizing Drones (Early Detection of Grass Diseases)
Implementation of a System Utilizing GPS from POGO in the United States to Accurately Map the Location of Wetlands and Diagnose the Causes

Transferring Accumulated Knowhow from In-house Developed Technology and Overseas Technical Collaborations to the Field

  • Evaluation and Consultation on Turf Management through Regular Course Visits and Monitoring by our Turf Research Institute
  • Environmentally Friendly Management through Objective Clinical Diagnosis and Validation of Management Status
  • Practical Turf Management Training for Field Staff to Foster On-Site Experts

Turf Management Evaluation and Consultation

Monthly Evaluation and Consultation on Turf Management, Pest Control, Soil/Fertilizer, Weeds, etc.

Turf Management Practical Training

Practical Training for Course Management Staff of Our Company and Outsourced Operations

Clinical Diagnosis and Analysis

Establishment of Fertilization Plans Based on Pest Diagnosis and Soil Analysis / Assessment of Irrigation Water Suitability Through Water Quality Analysis