CEO Message

“YIDO strives to be a reliable partner that develops a brighter future
for our clients, shareholders and investors.”

We innovate in Value-Up to improve your quality of life

Welcome to YIDO
YIDO first stepped into management in February 2015 by acquiring the management contract for the Ulsan Grand Bridge. Based on years of experience and practical know-how, we have since established management operations in environmental, infrastructure, golf and real estate businesses. We are the only integrated management, project management and Value-Up platform company in Korea, and lead the operation management business in the real estate industry through our offices, retail and dormitories.

YIDO strives to become a global company that leads the Value-Up marketplace by challenging competitors through our innovations in management. Our Value-Up platform heavily utilises both existing technology from major tech firms such as Google, Amazon and Kakao, and in-house built platforms. We create the optimal experience for users and asset owners, which increases convenience and enhances satisfaction.




  • Platform Differentiation : Create a differentiated business platform by applying ICBM(IoT, Cloud, Big data, Mobile) technologies to the existing Value-Up market
  • Service Differentiation : A new business platform connects the needs of asset owners with customers by facilitating
  • Satisfaction Differentiation


YIDO Value-Up platform strives to be a destination that brings many industry segments together. The fourth industrial revolution has presented great opportunities for the Value-Up industry for rapid advancement in personalization, segmentation and efficiency. However, since the domestic Value-Up market has suffered from the lack of competition, many firms are not prepared to deal with the impending changes in the near future. Anticipating this trend, YIDO is building a new Value-Up platform that combines the potential of IT with the current Value-Up market. To our shareholders, investors, and clients, we wish all the best for your future endeavours

* ICBM = IoT/Cloud/Bigdata/Mobile

Yours truly,
Choi Jung Hoon
President, Chief Executive Officer