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YIDO Digital Transformation Enabler

IT & Innovation

IT Solution

Mobile First
We create mobile platforms that accessible regardless of time, place, or environment.

Cloud First
We establish cloud based networks that securely handles users’ personal data, and enable clients to navigate a rapidly changing IT environment.

Hybrid First
We construct hybrid applications that combine the advantages of native and web based development, such as rapid deployment, flexibility and light resource loads.

Our Solutions

safeD Risk Assessment System

The safeD Risk Assessment System evaluates and ensures the safety and convenience of all construction workers by ensuring accountability. The system provides all the functionality necessary for the safe operation and management of a construction site on a digital platform on both PC and mobile. Our system fully supports the need for on-site safety management through close monitoring and strict accountability.

  • Field Manager
    Field managers are able to perform critical and regular inspections, detect risk, analyze irregularities, display daily inspections, and make corrective action requests
  • Safety Manager
    Safety managers can reduce risks on major tasks by having a means of monitoring and communicating site safety concerns.
  • Partners
    Our partners can collaborate to remedy safety hazards through the safeD Risk Assessment System

YIDO Careers

Our talent acquisition technology helps link the recruiting needs of companies with applicants. Our system’s stability and convenience provides an optimal solution for our clients.

Applicants Employers
Application Form Job postings
Application confirmation/modification Application comparison and management
Application selection notification Talent pool management

LIV@D Hi Dorm

Our LIV@D dormitory management system is a customizable platform in which dormitory management policies can be enacted through smartphones. One-time authorization QR codes can provide dormitory and room access and recorded entry and exit data. Further implementations of our system includes:

  • Shared space reservations
  • Incentive structures to enforce rules
  • Equipment and resource provision
  • Community wide alerts


The hausBill property management application utilises smartphone and IT to handle resident requests and needs at any time of the day.

  • QR code based reporting system with instant feedback
  • Mobile real time customer service
  • Notice and receipt of management fee


IOnM is an integrated road management mobile solution that records data and reports a road’s situation in real time. Information conveyed includes:

  • Traffic information
  • CCTV live streaming
  • Accident reporting and emergency crew deployment
  • Road facility and equipment operation management

Construction IT & Solutions

Our Construction IT & Solutions team develops applications that manage the entire construction process. From solving common organizational issues, to implementing a comprehensive management decision system, we are here to help provide a reliable solution that helps our clients make analytical decisions. Construction IT solutions include:

  • Financial analysis from budgeting to P&L
  • Data collection and analysis support by on-site live data sourcing
  • Material sourcing and subcontract bidding through online bidding (B2B)

IT & Innovation


Our IT vision is to transform each aspect of the operation and management process by implementing a digital transformation strategy. Improved IT technology is the backbone of our management business, from bridges to golf courses to dormitories. It enables us to manage assets at the highest efficiency.

The use of IT supplements and maximizes the value of our client’s assets by directly linking the asset owner with the needs of the customers.
The IT development process cycle has four stages: planning, development, operation and modification. Our team has experienced specialists dedicated to solving needs at each stage of the process.

IT Vision as a PropTech

IT enables task simplification through access, facility and rental management that are usually conducted on paper and offline. Technology also enables the management and analysis of multiple assets through automated data collection through smart buildings that increase asset value through efficiency and cost reduction.

IT VISION as an Value-Up Company

We promote efficiency through innovation in operating and management systems at each of our businesses.

IT VISION as a Platform

By constructing an IT service platform that connects customer needs to the business and asset managers, the client’s asset value can be maximized.

IT & Innovation

IT Professional

We develop optimal solutions for our clients based on more than 15 years of practical experience in construction, logistics, government, healthcare, hospitality and information technology. The process of developing our IT products and services consist of: the following stages:
Planning>development>Operation. Design> Infrastructure>Security Our team is well equipped with the resources necessary to launch and rapidly respond to business trends.
As all IT services shift towards cloud-based systems, we pledge to create a safer, faster and more reliable experience for users.

IT Plan

  • Establish the YIDO Digital Transformation Strategy to promote our mid to long term goals
  • Identify IT based opportunities based on the characteristics of each business
  • Build a customer analysis system based o Google Analytics and provide customer insight to each business
  • Maintain a competitive edge through continuous process innovation at the point of business through communication

  • Strategic Directive
  • Governance
  • Prioritization Analysis
  • Process Innovation
  • Strateguc App Development (UI/UX)

IT Development and Operations

  • We push forward the development of the YIDO Digital Transformation Strategy through mastery of various languages, Web/App Hybrid environments, mobile-centric design and cloud first strategy
  • Languages used: Java, JS, C, C#, C++, .NET, JSP
  • DBMS: Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL
  • Framework: Spring, Springboot, eGovframework, Xamarin

  • iOnM
  • hausBill
  • App/Web
  • LIV@D
  • Dashboard

IT Channels

  • We plan, design and produce all materials that users interface with, such as homepages, personal messages and promotional materials of all our businesses.
  • Our UI design philosophy is based on intuitiveness and convenience by prioritising the user experience.
  • Contentis delivered for official media and social media channels such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook
  • International marketing channels promote YIDO for the impending IPO

  • YIDO
  • LIV@D
  • Maesong Rest Stop
  • SNS

IT Infrastructure

  • Integrating Devices, Networks and IoT under the YIDO Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Managing and overseeing H/W, S/W, external IT purchases, operations, contracts, and YIDO based IT services
  • Leading the way with quality innovation at our headquarters and end-point services at business sites based on the VoC( Voice of Customers) principle.
  • Pursuing innovative IoT solutions such as drone aerial photography and CCTV streaming
  • Monitoring our business sites across the country by building an integrated dashboards and researching and developing field-to-headquarters control services

  • Device
  • Software
  • Network
  • Integrated remote management
  • Cloud

IT in Construction

  • Providing development, operation and upgrading solutions optimized for construction ERP such as civil engineering, architecture and materials management
  • Pursuing the development of a safety management system based on our practical know-how acquired over 15 years
  • Developing and operating our own systems to quickly receive and acknowledge buildings defects and complaints

  • Construction ERP
  • Safety management
  • Defect management

IT & Innovation

Team Crew

IT Team

IT General Management

The IT general management has a fundamental understanding of the importance of IT in asset management and operation. General management establishes plans and increases competitiveness by analyzing qualitative and quantitative data provided by IT, Asset owners transparently identify the cash flows of each asset. This critical information is important for creating business plans, proposing new business opportunities, and communicating issues with team members.

ERP Development and Operation

ERP operations aim to strengthen our client’s competitiveness through helping the implementation of strategic business practices. Our team also manages and supports systems to improve efficiency and stability. We ensure managers understand transaction mechanisms by providing new users training.
We value system stability through a continuous improvement process. Regular maintenance, updates, and user education are the actions we undertake to ensure stability and reliability of our ERP systems. Our team’s tasks also include system development, support, and business analysis and improvement.

Project Plans

Every one of our businesses and assets utilises mobile app and web systems to maximize Value-Up efficiency.

- Infrastructure: Road/tunnel operations and management
- Real Estate: QR code complaint system, hausBill management system
- Dormitory: High School and College operations, creating a management platform
- Golf Course: Integrated marketing and management platform construction
- Environment: Constructing a management platform for construction waste and wastewater intake and disposal.

Mobile Web Development

The IT team continuously updates apps to increase the functionality for the user and to ensure longevity. In collaboration with expert designers and planners to use Java/JSP to develop. We also use Native Apps or the Xamarin Mobile Framework to develop applications.


Our IT team does in-house design, homepage publication and application development, We design and produce our own designs to ensure standardization and user-friendliness. In addition, we refine our UI/UX based on usage pattern analysis and user needs. We also analyze feedback and recommendations from users to continuously improve the design of our systems.

Social Media & Marketing

In conjunction with our long term vision, B2B and B2C business is planned from various STP perspectives. In order to observe changes in the market and society, and to create unique content, we strategically target audiences and experiment with different fields of marketing by both AB testing and trial and error to improve performance. Every one of our business divisions manages and updates marketing materials through their respective channels.

Network and Infrastructure

Our network is hosted on secure servers on site. During system reorganization and expansion, it is critical to be able to design and respond to changes. In order to maintain a competitive edge in IT infrastructure, we are continuously learning about new trends and solutions in technology, and adapting to change through constant maintenance.

Business Inquiries

Choi, Sunghak – team leader of IT business team / TEL : 02-6377-8575   /   Email: